01. All of my good ideas are battles
I was asked to create a typographic solution for Stefan Sagmeister's prompt of Things that I have learned in my life. My solution was to spray paint over 1,500 little green plastic army men day-glo orange and affix them to a window store front in New York City with my saying "All of my good ideas are battles." The piece remained up at 136 West 21st for over a month.
  02. Do you have a card infographic
A closer look at how well I really know the people whose business cards I own. 115 cards were randomly selected from a pile representing my
life as a student and professional in 4 cities. I sent emails out to all of the cards asking them to respond if they knew me and the infographic was
compiled from the data.
03. Get Lost Interactive City Game
In today's high tech, digital world we are always connected. With this connectivity comes a new sense of direction; we always know where we are and are never lost. Some people enjoy exploring and finding new things, yet our reliance on technology limits this. Get Lost gets people lost and exploring through technology.
  04. Zillow.com Redesign
I was asked in Milton Glaser's class to redesign an identity that I thought communicated ineffectively. I chose Zillow.com the online leader in home appraisal and an effective resource to homeowners and real estate agents.
05. Take Note Guitar Design
The assignment was to repurpose a brand new Fender Squire Guitar for a charity of my choice in need. My selection was the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund which deals with displaced musicians still in need from Hurricane Katrina. With Mardi Gras approaching, and it being the symbol of the region, I made my guitar into a second line umbrella.
06. In-Sight Art Therapy Toolkit
The In-Sight project stemmed from the question of whether happiness can be taught. Upon further investigation into therapy, and in particular art therapy, I found a need for its methods in high school guidance counseling. In-Sight gives lessons and acts as a resource to introduce the topic to guidance counselors as an effective new treatment.
  07. Mos Def-No Hay Nada Mas Typographic Animation
A music video animation using only typography.
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